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“Every now and then a book comes along and lifts the curtain on the hidden sweetness of life in New Orleans.  Raising Our Children on Bourbon is just such a charmer, giving readers a glimpse of the surprising joys of family life in the French Quarter during an extraordinary time and the pleasures — and laughs — of working in television here. This is also an enchanting and sexy New Orleans love story: Bob and Jan Carr fell in love with a city, and — not surprisingly to any reader lucky enough to pick up this book — New Orleans loved them right back.”
- Susan Larson
Literary Critic

“It’s exciting in this day and age to read a beautiful story filled with determination, love and family respect.  I recall with great pleasure following the Bob and Jan
Shows for many years on TV and radio. My thanks and appreciation for allowing me to share a wonderful friendship with you. Two great people with a deep love
for New Orleans.”
- James E. Fitzmorris, Jr.
Former Lt. Governor of Louisiana

“Bob Carr has a wonderful talent for writing in the various vernaculars of the area, which drags one into the numerous layers of New Orleans many accents and cultures. This is also an amazingly layered love story that paints a portrait of a poignant and humorous side of the French Quarter seldom written about.”
- Betty Guillaud
Society Gossip Columnist – ‘The Lagniappe Mouth of the South’

“A young Midwestern family drives down the rabbit hole into New Orleans’ French Quarter and not only survives, but thrives in the most raunchy, raffish, notorious neighborhood in America. Quite a read!”
- David Cuthbert
WYES-TV’s ‘Theater Guy’

“Raising Our Children On Bourbon is a hilarious and heartfelt love letter to our wonderful and enigmatic New Orleans, from one of her most beloved couples, Bob and Jan Carr. Bob has crafted such lively and fascinating stories, I am truly grateful that he decided to share them with us!”
- Bryan Batt
Actor, stage, screen and TV

“My dear friends Bob and Jan Carr, in this book you show another true talent. You are much loved by the press and media. A dynamic duo, so supportive through out my career, you both have a special place in my heart.”
- Chris Owens
Entertainer, club owner and “Queen of Bourbon Street”

Book Review – Bobby Matherne